GC Index

In Partnership with

Elston HR are a partner of the GC index and Claire Elston is a GC index trainer.

The GC Index® is a technology based organimetric that is increasing global knowledge, wealth and harmony by creating impactful collaboration.

Our community of accredited GCologists are working with our GC Partners to deliver solutions that accelerate individual, team and organisational impact.

The GC Index® provides a common language of impact and collaboration enabling organisations to:
  • Gain unique insight on people impact
  • Improve business outcomes
  • Create a common language across the business
  • Increase individual performance
  • Increase team performance
  • Make more informed and accurate people decisions

A Proven Method of Measuring Impact for all People

  • The GC Index is unique. Personality or People Diagnostic tools cannot measure what The GC Index measures – how individuals and teams’ impact and contribute to a Business Cycle
  • The GC Index is the world’s first Organimetric – connects people and business with data that organisations have not had before.
  • The only People Assessment that businesses can use in all of their business processes and business decision making.
  • An empowering tool that helps people articulate where they want to make an impact and contribution to a role/team/organisation (and where they don’t).
  • The only People Assessment that enables Leadership Teams to align their organisation to the business objectives.
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