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Menopause Training

Elston HR are proud to be part of the Henpicked Menopause Workplace Training Network.

Passionate about menopause with an ambition to raise awareness, we’re part of the Henpicked community of menopause trainers. As a Licensed Trainer, my role is to change the way that people think and feel about the menopause at work.

Menopause impacts lives and can be a challenging time, both for individuals on their journey and their families, friends and colleagues.

As the industry leaders in menopause workplace services, Henpicked’s CPD certified, tried and tested and trusted training material has been received and loved by thousands of organisations: large and small, across all industries: from HSBC UK to Alzheimer’s Society, Sainsbury’s, Mars, the NHS and more.

Our mission is for all employer to be menopause friendly. The Menopause Workplace Training Network is here to ensure our industry-leading training solutions are accessible to organisations that employ fewer than 350 people, so everyone experiencing menopause can continue to thrive at work.