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Elston HR are a Worcestershire based HR consultancy for a range of businesses and industries. We connect people strategies to your business vision, strategy and goals to elevate your business ahead of your competitors.

Most HR departments react to problems when they have already gone wrong. Through the training and development of your managers, Elston HR proactively supports them and gives them the tools to successfully lead and engage their teams to deliver higher performance.

Our Team

Claire Elston

Founder and Managing Director

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Andy Hyland

Mental Health and Wellbeing Trainer

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Annmarie Higgins

Trainer and Coach

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Claire Perrins

Virtual Assistant

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Minty and Eric

Wellbeing Specialists

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Case Studies


Job Evaluation and introduction of competencies

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The company in question were making redundancies, however they had started to make a few mistakes within their processes and had introduced a matrix which made the process quite complicated.
When we started working with this business, they asked us to look at the high sickness rates which were at 4.9%. The Company was not managing sickness absence proactively and so we discussed the introduction of the Bradford Factor.
Elston HR worked with a manufacturing business who had drafted the EEF in to review their roles through a Job Evaluation scheme. They then wanted us to look at these roles to put together competencies and introduce three levels of roles with a skill level attached.
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Sickness and Bradford Factor


“I used to think I was too close to Donald Rumsfeld in the things I knew I didn’t Know, but now with your help I have reduced that to a core of things I know I knew I didn’t know and that’s such shrinking my ‘blind spot’.It will also help me on the feedback element of the conversations.I loved your Johari Window seriously made me and is making me think-J.Thank you, very constructive and helpful, liked the humanity in the questions and the kindness in your inclusive style.”


"Claire is always very personable and full of energy and enthusiasm in both training and her visits to us onsite, she engages with the managers and the team well. We look forward to her visits. She has helped link the people processes to our business strategy and supported and guided us on how to do this. She has added a lot of value to our business and continues to do so.”


“Thank you Claire I found the ‘how to prepare for your PDR’ session highly beneficial!”


“Claire supported us with a S111A conversation and settlement, Claire has a great balance of supporting the business and the employee very well. The employee felt very comfortable asking questions to Claire and she put the employee at ease throughout the process. Her support has been invaluable.”


“Thank you for talking us through the PDR process, and sharing your knowledge on how to get the most out of the reviews. I found it most helpful, it has given me a different perspective on the whole process.”


"I have worked with Claire and Elston HR over the last few months and have been really impressed with their knowledge and expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elston HR with and of your HR, training and L&D needs."


"Claire Elston of Elston HR has worked with our company Speller Metcalfe Ltd for many years, her support and advice has been truly exceptional, she has helped raise the performance of our business and has elevated the training we provide to our staff. Throughout the pandemic Claire delivered bespoke training to our 200 staff to support them, these training sessions included, Resilience Training, Managing Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness and Mental Health to name a few. The feedback from everyone who participated informed us that it really helped them and that they’d highly recommend to others. Claire has also provided leadership training to members of our senior management team to help improve their ability to guide our business. I would highly recommend Claire Elston to any business leader that wants to drive there company forward."


"I have worked with Claire Elston for approximately 6 years now, initially when she and I worked for the same firm and more recently we have worked within our own businesses providing services to each other. Claire has a wealth of HR expertise and provides clear, timely, up-to-date and practical advice to her clients on all manner of employment issues. She has a good strategic brain and has assisted many clients in resolving conflict and managing organisational change. Claire is particularly skilled in analysing what businesses need from their staff to achieve their business aims. Claire is also really easy to get along with and doesn't shy away from giving advice that clients may not want to hear, but definitely need and she then finds the right solution to resolve the specific issue."

Claire T

"Claire has an exceptional talent of getting into the detail that you didn't know was there and helping you find the best version of you. Patient , professional and I will truly recommend for moving you or your business forwards. Keep up the great work."