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Insights on Why Employee Training Matters | Elston HR

I have been surprised over my years in HR at just how many businesses do not provide the necessary training for their employees to not only do their job but to be safe and compliant within the workplace. 

As an employer you have a duty of care to look after your team and ensure they are safe within the working environment. Not only is it the right thing to do but also you can avoid expensive litigation if something goes wrong. 

There are many health and safety training courses that you may need your employees to do but this will depend on what industry your business is in. Some of the health and safety training that you may need is:

  • Health and safety general training
  • Food safety
  • First Aid 
  • Fire safety
  • DSE- display screen equipment
  • Lone working. 

It is also important that your employees complete GDPR training to ensure your employees handle data in the correct manner. 

We can design bespoke eLearning training for your business to ensure you have the correct training for your business. This can then be used for all new starters and for refresher training though your team’s employment. 

If you are recruiting people into management roles you may want to consider some training on the basics in people management and other sessions such as how to recruit, how to manage absence and emotional intelligence. 

There are many benefits to training your employees, which includes retention of employees, upskilling employees to perform at a higher standard and protecting your business and its employees to ensure people are compliant in health and safety. 

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